Monday, June 13, 2011


I did not have time to soap lately, well I was making M&P soap,but I want to make the OTHER soap.
I just got Olive oil from Sam's club,and will order some more castor,palm,palm kernel and coconut oil from Columbus and pick  it up tomorrow.
I will have my first bazaar at my friend's work , see how it goes. I tested every soap I made and only sell the ones I really love.....
I still have to lable and wrap most of my soaps,yikes.
All my kids are home from school for the next 3 month, that makes soaping a little harder, since my 6 year old needs constant attention.
The teenagers are fine on their own, I just need to drive them around.
Wednesday, they will start driving school, that is very scary :(.
I also have to continue painting the house, tend to the garden,shopping, cleaning it never ends.When DO I have time to soap????

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