Monday, June 13, 2011


I did not have time to soap lately, well I was making M&P soap,but I want to make the OTHER soap.
I just got Olive oil from Sam's club,and will order some more castor,palm,palm kernel and coconut oil from Columbus and pick  it up tomorrow.
I will have my first bazaar at my friend's work , see how it goes. I tested every soap I made and only sell the ones I really love.....
I still have to lable and wrap most of my soaps,yikes.
All my kids are home from school for the next 3 month, that makes soaping a little harder, since my 6 year old needs constant attention.
The teenagers are fine on their own, I just need to drive them around.
Wednesday, they will start driving school, that is very scary :(.
I also have to continue painting the house, tend to the garden,shopping, cleaning it never ends.When DO I have time to soap????

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cold process versus melt and pour method

There is no, one is better than the other.
Both methods come with their pros and cons.
If you need a gift in a short time notice, you can make a beautiful soap in a few minutes with M&P soap.You can make wonderful designs,they feel and smell great.
So, yes I do like to make M&P soaps once in a while.I just made some yesterday and I have many more to go......

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My first few soaps.......

Very light Almond
I believe everybody can remember their first soaps.The moment you cut them and they turn out feel so proud, that YOU actually made them :)


My very favored
This soap is made with lard and very creamy, love it....

carrot fennel soap

I love the smell of liquorice.I ordered some fennel EO and made a soap using carrot juice instead of water.
Trough in some poppy seeds.
This is by far the most amazing smell, I can't wait to use it, unless they all get sold.


My husband always wanted to shave and lather up with an old fashion brush.
 I ordered a brush with a stand.
I also made this amazing shaving soap,it smells great and lathers beautifully.
I used fir/cedarwood/anise/patchouli and soothing sandelwood combo..I can't wait to use it myself.