Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soapers hotline 1-800.....

So today was soaping day, a yummy vanilla/almond goatsmilk soap....except thing didn't turn out that easy, never does with me anyways..So the lye had flakes in it and looked cloudy,than questions come up,,,what to do..that's way the 1- 800 number.You need to know right away to keep going,how frustrating.
I just followed my gut feeling and now we will see,how the soap will come out.It's in the freezer for a while.
And here is my oil just came in from Columbus food, do you think I have enough?????????????????????

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I started making soaps and stuff

I have always liked soap, I grew up having soaps in my draw.
Everytime I go to a Farmers market, or a gift store and I see, those yummy smelling cold processed soaps I wanted one, but always felt to guilty to splurge, since we live on one income( and it's not a CEO one, for sure).

I googled CP soaps and got to scared, after reading things like,fumes, burns,blind,DANGER and stuff, especially being clumsy and hyper like me.So I started with some melt and pour soap,which is fun, but it wasn't that special soap from the market.
I than started reading up on cp soaps, everything I could find, watched videos...and gave it a try.
No I'm hooked,my new addiction besides eating to much sugar........
There is nothing more fun, than creating something with your own hands.....
I also love to garden, and planing on a lot of Calendula and Lavender, which I already have in the yard. 
Here is my first soap...almond/honey with an attempted swirl..not to bad for my first batch, I think.
The one with the dark things on top, was my second one,hazelnut/vanilla yumm
and the third one I tried some lard soap, suppose to be very mild and creamy.We will see, it's still in it's curing stage..............and smells devine like oakmoss/amber