Friday, July 15, 2011

More rebatched or handmilled soap

I think I don't mind rebatching at all...
yes, it is sort of more work, you make a batch and it doesn't come out the way you want it and you know you have to cut it up, throw it in the crockpot etc....but you don't have to deal with measuring oils, additives,gloves, is more relaxing  and the bars don't look bad at all, I can't even tell the difference.

The same rebatch, but two different molds

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

" girly "soap and" manly soap"

rosepetals and lavender buds

oatmeal soap
anise, peppermint EO,firneedle and sleepy time

Failed goatsmilk batch

I was very excited to try out my new mold.I never made 5 # of soap before.
When I added the milk to the batch, BUMM...the batter turned almost  solid immediately, I had just a little moment to get it in to my new mold .
It's always a little disappointing, I wanted to make this pretty, yummy looking, 2 colored soap and ended up with something else.
I through everything in the crockpot the same day,and at the end, I made a nice soap.
It's smells great, I used Lavender,lemongrass,rosemary,chamomile EO and the oil was infused in chamomile tea for a while.Great soap for babies and sensitive skin.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My garbage finds

Love to find stuff on the curb and bring it home.Sometimes I have to fix it up a little.
love the retro look

A trunk, I color washed

Antique mirror

chabby chick wicker chair

My, I call French desk
My dream one day would be, to own a gift shop. I could sell my soap and beauty products,the things I find and fix and lots more....

Monday, June 13, 2011


I did not have time to soap lately, well I was making M&P soap,but I want to make the OTHER soap.
I just got Olive oil from Sam's club,and will order some more castor,palm,palm kernel and coconut oil from Columbus and pick  it up tomorrow.
I will have my first bazaar at my friend's work , see how it goes. I tested every soap I made and only sell the ones I really love.....
I still have to lable and wrap most of my soaps,yikes.
All my kids are home from school for the next 3 month, that makes soaping a little harder, since my 6 year old needs constant attention.
The teenagers are fine on their own, I just need to drive them around.
Wednesday, they will start driving school, that is very scary :(.
I also have to continue painting the house, tend to the garden,shopping, cleaning it never ends.When DO I have time to soap????

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cold process versus melt and pour method

There is no, one is better than the other.
Both methods come with their pros and cons.
If you need a gift in a short time notice, you can make a beautiful soap in a few minutes with M&P soap.You can make wonderful designs,they feel and smell great.
So, yes I do like to make M&P soaps once in a while.I just made some yesterday and I have many more to go......

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My first few soaps.......

Very light Almond
I believe everybody can remember their first soaps.The moment you cut them and they turn out feel so proud, that YOU actually made them :)


My very favored
This soap is made with lard and very creamy, love it....

carrot fennel soap

I love the smell of liquorice.I ordered some fennel EO and made a soap using carrot juice instead of water.
Trough in some poppy seeds.
This is by far the most amazing smell, I can't wait to use it, unless they all get sold.


My husband always wanted to shave and lather up with an old fashion brush.
 I ordered a brush with a stand.
I also made this amazing shaving soap,it smells great and lathers beautifully.
I used fir/cedarwood/anise/patchouli and soothing sandelwood combo..I can't wait to use it myself.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rebatching and trying my new rubber stamps

I first hated rebatching.It was just a big, gloopy, mess.How is this suppose to be fun and nice looking?
But than I got the hang of it and I actually like it.
You can add fragrance oils and they don't fade after your soap cures, they smell pretty strong.
I also bought some rubber stamps, they were all 50% off.I wanted to try them out on soap.
I think they came out pretty nice.........................

Patchouli/ Jasmine

Saturday, May 21, 2011

going back to the simple..I always wanted to be Pippi Longstocking

My goal in life is, to live as simple as possible and close to nature.
No I'm not a tree hugger, but I did hug my trees, I do love trees.
When I'm surrounded by the simple sound of nature in my garden, such as the bumble bees right now, sucking away at my honey suckle,the humming birds,blue jays..they are loud,and later on,the sound of crickets, I LOVE THE SOUND OF calming.I need calm, because I get anxious very quickly....
I try to find ways to reuse things rather throwing them out in the trash, if I have no use, I will donate them to the thrift store.
I believe, sometimes the more you have, the more complicated your life can be.
Here are the things I need...................
some quiet time
a good facial cream, which I  make myself..
a balance of sunshine and some rainy days
good friends
my husband and kids
flowers,herbs and self grown veggies and fruits
Well you need money of course to pay your bills and I could use some more of it, but life is good nevertheless.............
some more time to crochet, soaping,and making my soy candles :)
What do you need, to make you happy?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soaping is the best therapy

Here is my basil and herbs

and here is my carrot frosting just need to pour some coffee.......................

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Changes of my Goatsmilk soap

 They start out creamy and  light  and than turn dark.Well this one is lemon pound cake, already turning dark.

My still life baroque soap

 This reminds me of a baroque painting.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first soaps and baskets

My melt and pour soap for a baby shower



my first rebatch

So I needed a project for my son and also rebatch my ugly looking goatsmilk soap.
Leo agreed to grate all my soaps and I tried out my new crockpot, I bought for believe it 78 cents at the thriftstore and it worked great.Rebatching was fun, but I hope I don't have to do that to often.
I swear the soap batch looked just like cake batter, so yummy I wanted to eat it....
I threw some Titanium dioxide in, so the soap would come out lighter...
so here it is before rebatching and after

this is the soap before rebatching........................................................................................
this is the soap after rebatching..... a much happier looking soap :)
and here are some pictures of my rebatching days......

it smells so good
so that's it

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soapers hotline 1-800.....

So today was soaping day, a yummy vanilla/almond goatsmilk soap....except thing didn't turn out that easy, never does with me anyways..So the lye had flakes in it and looked cloudy,than questions come up,,,what to do..that's way the 1- 800 number.You need to know right away to keep going,how frustrating.
I just followed my gut feeling and now we will see,how the soap will come out.It's in the freezer for a while.
And here is my oil just came in from Columbus food, do you think I have enough?????????????????????

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I started making soaps and stuff

I have always liked soap, I grew up having soaps in my draw.
Everytime I go to a Farmers market, or a gift store and I see, those yummy smelling cold processed soaps I wanted one, but always felt to guilty to splurge, since we live on one income( and it's not a CEO one, for sure).

I googled CP soaps and got to scared, after reading things like,fumes, burns,blind,DANGER and stuff, especially being clumsy and hyper like me.So I started with some melt and pour soap,which is fun, but it wasn't that special soap from the market.
I than started reading up on cp soaps, everything I could find, watched videos...and gave it a try.
No I'm hooked,my new addiction besides eating to much sugar........
There is nothing more fun, than creating something with your own hands.....
I also love to garden, and planing on a lot of Calendula and Lavender, which I already have in the yard. 
Here is my first soap...almond/honey with an attempted swirl..not to bad for my first batch, I think.
The one with the dark things on top, was my second one,hazelnut/vanilla yumm
and the third one I tried some lard soap, suppose to be very mild and creamy.We will see, it's still in it's curing stage..............and smells devine like oakmoss/amber